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Horse Tracks 2/26/08

Here's a Tuesday edition of Horse Tracks...Enjoy!

Jason Elam is still waiting for a new deal while traveling abroad.  See here

Like the rest of the league, the Broncos are "bracing for Free Agency".  See here

Here are the fresh faces to the head coaching ranks for 2008.  See here

Shaun Rogers to Denver?  Not so fast!  See here

The Colorado Springs Gazette thinks the Broncos could struggle with drafting defensive help.  See here

A "fan friendly" bill is about to become law.  It allows season ticket holders to sell thier tickets to anyone else instead of back to the Broncos.  See here

In other NFL news.....

Good news Broncos fans!  Troy Williamson will NOT don orange and blue this year.  The Vikings traded the stone-handed WR to the Jags.  See here

Have a good Tuesday!