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Horse Tracks 2/28/08

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Here's the Thursday edition of Horse Tracks...enjoy!

Still stories in the Denver Post about trading for Rogers or Dewayne Robertson of the Jets.  See here

Mike Klis of the Denver Post stresses "Shoring up" the Broncos' foundation.  See here

News out of Philadelphia reports that Javon Walker is expected to be cut by March 4.  Tampa Bay and Washington are also interested too.  See here

The Ravens released former Broncos Mike Anderson.  Maybe Denver can sign him for veteran minimum?  See here

AFC West news.....

The Chefs released four players.  The biggest name is Ty Law.  See here

The conquered fader nation has no player movement, but the coaching news is interesting.  There are reports that James Lofton could replace Lane Kiffin as head coach.  See one of the reports here

The only news from Phyllis and his merry men is an OL getting a contract extension.  See here

NFL News......

USA Today shows what dilemma teams are facing when taking on free agency.  See here

The NFL is still fighting with satellite and cable companies in regards to the NFL Network.  See here and here

In more somber news, Pittsburgh Steelers announcer Myron Cope, the man who named the yellow towels, "terrible towels" died at the age of 79.  See more here

Have a good Thursday!