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Horse Tracks 2/29/08

Here is a Friday edition of Horse Tracks.

Are Elam and Lynch gone?  Say it ain't so!  See here

Foxworth is staying prepared to get traded, Boss Bailey is visiting Denver, Sauerbrun pleads not guilty and Miami signed David Kircus.  See all of that here

John Engelberger is a Bronco for 2008.  He just signed an extension.  See here

----Update---- Nate Jackson is re-signed. See here


The conquered fader nation has sigend Tommy Kelly to a long contract extension.  Let's hope the Broncos keep him blocked.  See here

As for Phyllis and his merry men, they cut a few of them.  Leading the cut is Lorenzo Neal, LT's lead blocker.  See here

The Chefs signed on of their best players to a contract extension....their punter!  See here

NFL News

Here we go again.  The Favre Saga returns for the annual will he/won't he retire story.  See here

Looks like we will see Vilma in action this year....when the Broncos play the Saints.  The Jets traded Vilma to the Big Easy.  See here

Bottom of the Barrel

Denver call-girl claims to have some Broncos as customers.  See here

Have a good weekend.  I have to go to Portland so Horse Tracks written by me will return Monday if there is any new news.

I have a poll to find out what you like and want from Horse Tracks.


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    Broncos News, AFC West and NFL stories
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