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Football University starts tomorow!

Comes now before the assembled body of scholars of Mile High Report greetings, presents, and communication from the right equitable Dean of Football University's College of Coaching Theory and Practice - Hoosierteacher.

Football University is, as you know, a secret and fraternal university open only to the most elite minds in the football world.  As of the present, the only minds found to be worthy of entrance have been the entire membership of Mile High Report.  

While the knowledge of members of that site vary from coaches (hoosierteacher), lawyers (Trinidad Jack), engineers (Styg50), and even sports broadcasters (SportsGuru's Mile High Report Radio), the site has fans who know more than "media experts" about every facet of the game, ranging from salary caps, drafts, football history, etc.  Not one MHR member has been found to be anything less than worthy of entrance to Football University.  Every member has demonstrated either knowledge, a desire for knowledge, an affinity for reasoned debate, or a joy of football fellowship that transcends the culture and semantics of all other sports sites.

Therefore, as a member of MHR with a current registration in hand, you are invited to take course with our Dean of Coaching Theory and Practice - Hoosierteacher.  First, an introduction to the faculty that can be made public at this time to all members of MHR:

President of the University


Editor of; President of Football University; holds the John Elway Chair of Football Journalism and Broadcasting, Director of the MHR Fellowship Program; Host - MHR Radio.

Dean of The College of Coaching Theory and Practice


Front Page Contributor - MHR; Dean and Professor (The Steve Atwater Chair of Defense Studies), Chairman of Committee to Develop MHR Intern Program '09.  '08 offseason lecturer for Football University.

Dean of The College of Football Analysis


Front Page Contributor - MHR; Dean and Professor (The Shannon Sharpe Chair of Football Wit and Wisdom), Chairman of the No Points Left Behind Post Graduate Studies curriculum.  Frequent guest lecturer for the '08 course series.


What does all of this mean?  It means that you dear reader are automaticaly enrolled in a free course of study presented at MHR.  The series will focus on a deeper appreciation for football systems, positions, plays, formations, playcalling, and anything else found under the heading of game time strategy.  History and development of those concepts will be explored, as will potential future trends.

The point is not only to share this information with members, and not only to have a series for your enjoyment during the offseason, but to have a place where you can come to ask questions about facets of the game you want to learn more about.

No such thing as a dumb question!

All questions are encouraged.  Whether a scholar wants to know something as simple as "How many points for a field goal?", or someone wants to know the difference in roles for a FB under the 1951 Single Wing Offense versus the role of the defunct Flanker position, it's all fair game!

What's in store for this offseason

The heart of the series is football education with an emphasis on the Xs and Os of the on field game.  However, there will be some enjoyable distractions.  Contests, mock subjects, and running jokes will lighten the atmosphere amongst articles of deep football thinking.

If you have an idea for subject matter, you can always mention it in the comments section.  Some of the things that will be covered include:

  1. Will the FB position die out in a few decades?
  2. Will the TE position become more prominant in the game of football?
  3. What are the mechanics of the "Bootleg Plays" as employed by the Broncos?
  4. What defensive system will Denver run in '08?
  5. Would Batman be the answer at OLB, and is there any position on the team that could be played by Chris Hanson (of Dateline NBC's "To Catch a Predator")?
  6. What is the "Zone Block" system?  How do different teams run it, and what are the strengths and weaknesses of the scheme?
  7. What is the "staggered retirement" approach to building a team?
  8. What is the theory of "Salary Cap Hell", and how does it destroy a team for years?  How is it cured?
  9. What is the next major revolution in football strategy in terms of formation/system approach?
  10. A pre-season special - A look at the '08 schedule and the systems run by the Denver opponents.
  11. Are the raiders "evil" because they choose to be evil, or because in a non-Euclidean universe they are destined to be evil because the Broncos are the force of "good" and must be opposed to prevent a vacuum matter collapse event? (See
This isn't a full list, and it is subject to change.  Most likely, as the series goes on the great MHR family will have requests or comments that grow into articles.  My hope is that I can get the ball rolling, but that you will determine the direction of articles by your participation.

So don't despair after the big SB game.  Good times are on the way.  I'll have the University series up and running, Styg has the in depth player/position series going, and many members are writing excellent diaries and contributing great comments.  And Guru...

Guru has something on the way so profound and wonderful that we're not even allowed to discuss it.  Stay tuned.

A very special thank you to Dr. Styg50 from the College of Football Analysis for sending one of his grad students over to show me how to post pictures.  I gave the odd little fellow kippers and a cookie as instructed, but have not yet been able to coax it out from under my staircase.  Very odd indeed.  It appears somewhat human.  My five year old says I shouldn't turn on the lights, feed it further, or get it wet.  I don't think this is a Gremlin though.  At any rate the cat is scared as heck, and anyone able to get in touch with Dr. Styg would be greatly appreciated.

Oh, by the way, these wonderful ladies have signed up for the class and are looking for a study group.  I dropped your names and thought maybe you could help them out.  Take care!