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MHR Contest winner to be announced at halftime!

Stay tuned to MHR at half time to see the announcement of the winner of the "offseason naming contest".

There is no such thing as an offseason for us hardcore fans, and we will unveil the name of the MHR member who has given us a name for the offseason we can use with pride.  The decision was made by our editor (Guru) and our two regular front page contributers (Styg50 and hoosierteacher).

I'm told this was last year's prize:

This year is a little bit more in budget (vacation with bunnies stretched the budget a bit last time around).  Prizes include a classic Broncos item from the days of the big D with the snorting horse (given to me be a former DE with LSU), and an item from the magical place known as "the desk top of Styg50".

A hearty thank you to all participants.  We had a ton of great names to choose from.  Stick around, as more contests will be on the way!