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Jarvis Moss On Track For Big Comeback

Of course, mdierk and I were posting at the same time....Nice job MDierk!

With things just revving up around here for Re-Loading Season and the 2008 NFL Draft, it seems like the perfect time to check in on the Broncos First Round pick from 2007, DE Jarvis Moss.  After battling injuries for most of Training Camp and early season, Moss was finally getting healthy when he suffered a broken leg and ligament damage in his ankle November 1.  According to Moss, his rehab is going well and he should be back in time for off-season workouts --

"I'm actually pretty far along," the defensive end said Tuesday of his rehabilitation to date. "I'm kind of getting it down to where I barely walk with a limp now. So I'm making progress. My ankle is as strong as the other one right now. It's just a matter of learning again how to use my ankle and foot again."

Moss is doing range-of-motion and balancing exercises to try to get his muscles firing normally.

It's his expectation to begin some weight work on his legs for the first time Wednesday as part of a four- to five-day per week workout routine that will give him a jump over many of his teammates.

Moss could be jogging lightly in about four weeks, well before the start of the team's offseason strength and conditioning program March 24.

And if he's not fully ready for the start of that team workout program next month, he won't sweat it.

"If I have to ease into it, that's what I'll do. I don't want to risk anything," he said. "But already by that time I should be 85-90 percent, so there won't be too many things in the offseason program that I'll miss on, maybe early, but two weeks in, I should be full-go in the program."

Moss also has no doubts about his preparedness for training camp since everything is healing and progressing as planned.

"I plan on being in training camp, first practice, doing everything," he added.

It's good to finally get an update on a guy the Broncos will still be paying for with draft picks this year.  Moss is a key to the d-line, and a healthy return is key to the Broncos future.