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Horse Tracks - 2/6/08

Grab a big 'ole cup of Orange and Blue brew and enjoy the latest edition of Horse Tracks, your daily link dump here on --

   Terry Frei is still dumbfounded by the oversight of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  Even with Gary Zimmerman, this is the biggest farce in professional sports.

   Gradishar admits he was disappointed that the call never came.

   Champ Bailey is getting ready for some press coverage in getting John Lynch to return.

   Another example of just how the Broncos get screwed by the NFL?  One year ago three Broncos asked the League to wear Darrent Williams' #27 at the Pro Bowl.  The League turned down the request.    Now, three Redskins made the same request, and were granted approval to wear Sean Taylor's #21.  I guess the value of someone's life, and death, are determined by where you play and how popular you are.  Stay classy, NFL.

   It would be nice if someone, anyone, would recognize the Broncos back-to-back Championship teams from a decade ago.

   A Super Bowl upset usually means hard times for Las Vegas.

   Mike Shanahan needs to learn some patience with his coaches.

   Upcoming Labor unrest is a real possibility come next fall.

   What does a sagging economy need?  The Broncos back in the Super Bowl.