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Horse Tracks 3/10/08

We all know about McRee and Manuel, but here are some other stories to read about today.  Enjoy!

Now with the free agent signings, do the Broncos draft an OL?  See here

Woody Paige applauds the smarter signings that the Broncos have signed in free agency.  See here

The winter's work for the Broncos has the one main focus: Run Defense.  See here

The Fort Collins Coloradan suggests that both the Broncos and Nuggets are paying attention to how the Rockies focused on the draft to build thier team.  See here

AFC West

The conquered fader nation has some interesting articles.  Here are a few:

The Sporting News seem to agree with the MHR that Al Davis has outlived his tenure.  See here

Apparently they want to sign either Pacman Jones or DeAngelo Hall.  At least they will fit in right?  See here

Someone seems to think that the "nation's greatness" lies in thier fans. See here   They must have been talking about the guy that said "Go Raiders" before he was executed in Arizona.  See here

Sorry, no news from Phyllis and his merry men.

Meanwhile in Kansas City, Brodie Croyle is trying to stay as the Chefs' QB.  See here

Enjoy the news.  The conquered fader nation news is just priceless today!