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Horse Tracks 3/13/08

Here's a Thursday edition of Horse Tracks.  Enjoy!

Wow, so many stories of Ted Sundquist's firing as Broncos GM.  I won't go into it further here since Guru took care of the story below.  No worries folks, there are other stories today!

A writer at the Bleacher Report thinks Shanny has regained the Mile High Magic.  See here

Interesting article out of San Diego about Marlon McRee.  See here

Foxworth is still wondering if he is getting traded.  See here

Some former Broncos are playing a basketball game against the Rapid City, South Dakota Jaycees in a couple of weeks.  Unfortunately, there is no listing of which former Broncos are participating.  See here

AFC West

The conquered fader nation has added another WR to thier team.  The one, the only....Drew Carter!...WHO?  See here

Here's a critical blog of the Missouri Indains that was posted on Fox Sports.  See here

It looks like the city of San Diego is struggling to maintain its roads and infrastructure from the city's budget deficits.  Why did I put up this article?  It could affect Phyllis and his merry men if they want to stay there.  See here

NFL News

Looks like Cal WR DeSean Jackson has quite a tutor...Jerry Rice.  See here