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Horse Tracks 3/14/08

Here's a Friday edition of Horse Tracks.  I will  be making a pilgrimage to the Broncos' Mecca (Denver) this weekend so I will return for Monday's edition of Horse Tracks.  Have a good weekend!

The Broncos are still working with Jason Elam, but no contract yet.  See here

OL Chris Myers visited Houston.  See here

AL Wilson has filed an injury grievance with the Broncos.  See here and here

Denver is now talking with the Jets in trading for Robertson.  See here

Mike Kils discusses the power shift that Shanny has done.  See here

Mark Kiszla is grinding the ax again.  Here's another piece by him.  See here

The Rocky Mountain News performed an analysis about the GM firing.  See here

Good ol' Bernie Lincicome had to join Kiszla in ax grinding too.  See here

Jeff Legwold gives some suggestions on who to draft for a kick returner.  See here

Real Football 365 discussed the Broncos' red zone problems.  See here

AFC West

We need to give some prayers to Chargers' chaplain who is recovering from a brain hemorrhage.  See here

No other news from the other AFC West teams.

NFL News

Dan Pompei would love to see some fiscal sanity return to the NFL.  See here

Could we see another NFL Lockout or players' strike?  It's possible.  See here

Wow, went from a light news day this week to a hefty load.  Have a good one folks!  See you Monday!