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Horse Tracks 3/19/08

Here's a Wednesday edition of Horse Tracks.  Enjoy!

Jim Armstrong states what we all know:  Broncos' issues start at the draft.  See here

Jason Elam is visiting Atlanta.  See here

In the Elam saga, Pat Bowlen may step in if he must.  See here

An article out of New York says something we all knew.  Omitting Floyd Little from Canton was a mistake.  See here

The Colorado Springs Gazette discusses the GM firing.  See here

AFC West

The conquered fader nation is blowing thier cash still this offseason.  They made the trade for DeAngelo Hall.  See here

The Chefs sent a large group to watch Boston College QB Matt Ryan.  See here

Finally, a report from Phyllis and his merry men.  Two of the Chargers had surgery this week.  One was OL Marcus McNeill and the other is Shawne Merriman, famous for his seizure dance.  See here

NFL News

NFL owners could revisit labor issues.  See here

NFL free agents are suffering from age discrimination.  See here

That's all I have today.  Have a good one!