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MHR Broncos History Lesson -- 1977 Season

Welcome to this weeks edition of MHR Broncos History Lesson. I've been struggling to write about the 1977 Season because I was born 8 months after Super Bowl XII and I am not sure I can do this article justice without truly understanding what it meant to Bronco fans of that era to cheer for a winner for the first time.

The 1977 season was a season of miracles. Nearly two decades of being the leagues whipping boy vanished for all time with a single season of dominance. I know I will never truly know what it was like to be a Bronco fan then, but to me that season and that team is the foundation that our current organization has built up from.

As much as I loved to watch John Elway’s miracles as a kid, I seriously doubt I would have become a Bronco fan if it wasn’t for the determination and passion of the Orange Crush defense of the late ’70s. I mean, what 7 year old kid would decide to become a fanatical fan of a perennial loser? I bet not many have. In any case, I would love to hear from those of you who were actually Bronco fans during this incredible season.

With my writer's block cleared now that I have made up my mind, I ask that anyone who reads this that was a Broncomaniac during the 1977 season no matter how old or young to share your stories below. I will provide the bare facts of the 1977 season, but it is up to you to fill in the emotion of the season. I understand the concept of this miraculous season, but I will never know the true emotion of what it meant to Bronco fans to finally be a winner. What was it like to be a Bronco fan at the birth of Bronco greatness?

I know many will focus on the big games, such as, the ones against Oakland, but don't be shy to share memories of other games during this amazing season. 1977 was the year the Bronco organization finally turned the corner to become a perennial winner. Since 1977, the Broncos have only had five losing seasons in thirty years. Before that, they had just 3 seasons above .500 in seventeen. We are elite now because of the men who played Bronco football in the mid to late 1970's.

I could end the article here, but I want to include all the pictures I could find of players from that amazing season. Also catch the Randy Gradishar video at the very end! ;)