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Football 101 - Some words about behavior

Hi all!

I just wanted to take a chance to thank everyone for their patience during the recent troll attack.  I want apologize for the many comments made by a guest on the recent "MHR University" story about zone blocking which may have buried some questions and comments that deserved to get an audience.  Please know that the editors at MHR have discussed the matter, and we pledge to take a quicker and firmer response to posters who clog up the site with insults and personal remarks.  Guru has directed to the editors that this site is ok with debate and friendly trash talk, but not to the excess we saw over the past couple of days.  

I should have contacted Guru sooner, or temporarily banned the offender, or started deleting comments to keep the article's comment section on a more respectful level, but I failed to do so.  I felt that since the comments were mostly directed at me, I should have given the offending poster more slack since I had a conflict of interest.  By allowing things to go on as long as they did some of our members may have been offended by what they were reading on an otherwise family friendly site.  For that I apologize and pledge to do a better job of policing our site to ensure that a story or diary's comments thread doesn't get that offensive again.  

MHR is a safe place to come and to learn about the game of football and the Broncos, as well as sharing your thoughts and comments.  Being a Broncos fan isn't a requirment.  We welcome the fans of all teams, and even welcome disagreements.  Please know that each of us appreciates questions, and no question is too simple or "dumb".  We're here to help.  If someone attacks you (or, as in this case, one of the editors) on a personal level, it will not be tolerated.  All banning decisions made by an editor will be reviewed by Guru to make sure it was proper, and complaints or appeals can be directed to Guru.

Also, please don't take the recent attacks on myself or other MHR members personaly.  I know some folks wanted to go to the opposing site to speak up over there.  Guys, we want to have class and integrity in everything that we do.  If you visit another site do it in a friendly and respectful way, because it reflects on all of us.  The leader of the oakland site is a decent guy, and he was made aware of our recent situation with one of his members.  He and his site don't deserve the same treatment we got because of one mixed up individual.  The behavior of our recent problem poster should in no way reflect on Saint or his site.  Trash talk the raiders all you want, but please keep it in house.

And remember the language.  We are all a part of the MHR family, but some of our members are younger and we want to keep ourselves a "family friendly" site.  We take a lot of pride in our high school and younger members who come here and show a great amount of knowledge and team pride.

So for those of you who have any questions about the zone block scheme and the associative blocks used in the system, this post is the place to post your questions.  As always, any other football related questions are welcomed.  We are blessed to have experts on everything from legal issues to the salary cap, from Xs and Os to team history, from news research to players and the positions that they play.  If one of us doesn't know the answer, we will work to find it for you.

Thanks for coming to MHR.  We're glad you're here, and we'll do a better job of protecting our members from personal attacks in the future.  I also want to thank our members that were able to keep their class during the episode.  You guys rock!