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Horse Tracks 3/20/08

Here's a Thursday March Madness edition of Horse Tracks.  Enjoy and catch some games today!

Guru already touched on the administrative shake-up at Dove Valley.  There are a couple of other stories that I found.

Casey Wiegmann is in town visiting and is supposed to make a decision today.  See here, here and here

AFC West

Want someting great to read?  Check out the conquered fader nation's worst (best for the rest of us) moments in history.  See here

Atlanta paper thinks DeAngelo Hall is a "perfect" fit for the conquered fader nation.  See here

No news from Phyllis and his merry men or the Missouri Indians.

Bottom of the Barrel

As if the NFL needs another problem, looks like "Reverend Al" Sharpton is calling for the NFL to cancel the Hall of Fame game this summer.  See here

Have a good day!  And go KU!