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Horse Tracks 3/21/08

Here's a Good Friday edition of Horse Tracks.  Enjoy!

Cecil Sapp re-signs with the Broncos.  See here and here

Jason Elam is in talks with the Falcons.  See here and here

Jeff Legwold discusses the quality of OL coming up.  See here

Casey Weigmann signed yesterday.  See here

Well at least we know that Shanny isn't leaving anytime soon.  He's building a new home.  Check out the specs here.

AFC West

Some news from Phyllis and his merry men today...

Center Nick Hardwick had surgery and could miss a game or two in the regular season.  See here

ESPN reviews what Phyllis and his merry men are doing and handling this off season.  See here

No news from the Chefs or the conquered fader nation.

NFL News

Well, it looks like the NFL could vote to ban hair flowing out of the helmets this year.  Whatever would we do with players like Troy Polamalu or Mike McKenzie having to cut thier hair???  We may be able to see their name in the jersey.  See here

Horse Tracks will return Monday.  Have a Happy Easter!