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Horse Tracks 3/24/08

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Here's a Monday edition of Horse Tracks.  Sorry it is so late today.  I am battling a cold or flu stuff.  Enjoy!

We all know that Jason Elam is gone, but here are some articles about him from over the weekend.  See here, here, and here

The Broncos' current kicker, Matt Prater, has quite a lineage and maybe his dad can keep him from getting rattled mentally.  See here

Here's some good news in Broncos Country:  Ben Hamilton has been cleared to work out.  See here

Brandon Marshall gets stitches in his arm.  See here

AFC West

The conquered fader nation has an interesting article on the coaching info.  See here

Here's a story from Phyllis and his merry men.  See here

No news from the Chefs.

NFL News/Bottom of the Barrel

Here's a reason that the Broncos, NFL Films, etc.. are cutting people loose.  The NFL is $9 BILLION in debt!  That definitely earns a bottom of the barrel listing!  See here