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With The First Pick In The 2008 MHR Community Mock Draft...

The Miami Dolphins select.....

CHRIS LONG, DE(Virginia)

G.M. -- Hercules Rockefeller -- Since our attempt to fool Atlanta into thinking we're taking Matt Ryan here has failed, we're going with the stud DE from VA.  He's the safest player in the draft and a perfect fit for our 3-4.  We like Vernon Gholston's "measurables" but we're betting on him being the next Mike Mamula.  We know we're thin pretty much everywhere on offense, and we love Jake Long, but we need help immediately and O-linemen (even as good as Long is) take at least a year or two to develop.    

Bill Parcells

The first pick is in....Give your thoughts in the comments.  The St. Louis Rams, represented by ramsfan is on the clock!