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With The 4th Pick In The 2008 MHR Community Mock Draft...

The Oakland Raiders select.....


G.M. - BCFunderburke -- Many prognosticators believe the Raiders won't add yet another RB to their already RB-deep roster. However, this fails to account for the following assumptions held by the Raiders' front office:

  1. Raiders will trade LaMont Jordan and/or Dominic Rhodes before the draft, thereby clearing out space for the new Run DMC and his 4.27 40 time,
  2. Gholston, though a tempting selection, doesn't get Davis' heart ticking like McFadden. Burgess, their current DE, is a good enough and still relatively young.
  3. Nobody offers them a sweet enough deal to trade down. I didn't hear a word from Dallas, for example.
  4. McFadden gives the Raiders an explosive offensive weapon, in their mind, that can play both RB and WR (ala Reggie Bush).
"Just win, baby!", "Commitment to Excellence", and now, "I'll Draft Who I Want Because I'm Almost Dead!"

Forever yours,
Al Davis

Leave it to Big Al to come through with the McFadden pick.  Nothing like completely ignoring the needs of your team and going with more flash.  Sad thing is, that is how Al does business, which is why the Raiders are irrelevant.

The Draft So Far --

#1 - Miami Dolphins - DE Chris Long, Virginia
#2 - St. Louis Rams - OT Jake Long, Michigan
#3 - Atlanta Falcons - DT Glen Dorsey, LSU

The Kansas City Chiefs, represented by jonnyr44, are on the clock.  Something tells me there might be some action with Pick #5....