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Horse Tracks 3/3

Well, I'm back from a weekend in Portland.  Here's the Monday edition of Horse Tracks.

Dave Kreiger from the Rocky Mountain News has observed that the Broncos have been pretty quiet in Free Agency and the team looks to bank on the draft.  See here

Bernie Lincicome has stated the same thing.  See here

Looks like Javon Walker is garnering interest from some NFC teams.  See here

The Broncos have been mentioned to be a landing spot for Warrick Dunn.  See here


The Chefs are being blasted for thier "bargain basement" free agency plan.  See here.  Also the only free agent they have signed is Williams, a LB from Atlanta.  See here

The conquered fader nation made a huge splash by throwing money at defense, but they still need a WR.  See here

As for Phyllis and his merry men, they kept thier backup QB in case Phyllis gets injured by one of the Broncos in 2008.  See here.  They didn't keep Michael Turner, but the Broncos will see him when they play the Fal-CONS.  See here

NFL News

Looks like the Broncos will not get Robertson from the Jets.  See here

Big Ben just cashed in.  See here

Bottom of the Barrel

Marcus Thomas' arrest.  Enough said.  Guru got the story up already.  Time to lose the "friends" Marcus.  You'll be better off.