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Broncos Ink Niko Koutouvides To 3-Year Deal

The Broncos added their second free agent, agreeing this time to a deal with Linebacker Niko Koutouvides on a 3 year contract.  Terms were not disclosed.  

Koutouvides is a solid special teams contributer but the Broncos may give NK all the opportunity in the world to win the MLB job.  It seems Shanny is hell-bent on moving D.J. Williams back to the weak-side where he can be more of a playmaker.  While N-Kou may not be a flashy name, he might be the type of solid, fundamental player the Broncos defense has lacked.

Solid pick-up for the Broncos, even if it is just for special-teams.

The Denver Post reports that the deal has yet to be signed, though it has been agreed to. K-Tou also had an offer from Tampa but preferred the opportunity to possibly start at MLB.

Hat Tip to Spock for posting the Diary while I was writing this...