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Driver Of Vehicle Marcus Thomas Was In Isn't Very Smart

I tried to find a way to address the situation as politically correct as possible, but when someone is stupid, well, stupid is as stupid does.

As more and more details about Marcus Thomas' Saturday Night in Jail come to light, the story gets more and more bizarre, and more and more disturbing, at least to this guy --

According to the police narratives, the vehicle Thomas was in became the subject of a police investigation after another motorist told officers he thought the driver was under the influence and officers subsequently observed the vehicle changing lanes without properly signaling.

The stop was made about 2:27 a.m. Saturday in Orange Park, which is in Clay County, Fla..

Officers Joel Grant and Edward Kaczkowski said that when the driver, identified as Bryce Carter, 24, was asked to show his license and registration, Carter reached into the glove box. In the box, the officers spotted a black and silver semi-automatic pistol, according to the reports.

At that point, the officers said they told everyone in the car to put their hands up, but Carter allegedly continued to reach inside the glove box. Carter was instructed several times to take his hand out of the glove box and away from the gun.

Carter and Thomas were then ordered out of the vehicle, a gray Ford F-150, placed in custody and read their Miranda rights.

Inside the car, the officers said, they found a small plastic bag containing a white powder in the passenger floor board, a green leafy substance in the center console cup holder and a black pistol magazine with bullets under the console lid.

The officers said that the white powder field tested for cocaine. The gun in the glove box was identified as a Beresa Thunder .380 , a small, light and easily concealed handgun.

Both Carter and Thomas, 22, denied ownership of the cocaine, the officers said.

A small suggestion to Mr. Carter...When a police officer tells you to put your hands up and get out of the car, F'N DO IT!  In this day and age, where police officers are, in my opinion, legitimized when they see a suspect reach for a gun to shoot first, both Carter and Thomas are very, very lucky this didn't get out of hand, and fast.

Listen, Marcus Thomas might be technically innocent, and perhaps he doesn't want his friends to think he is a "sellout".  At some point, however, Thomas needs to grow up and decide to become an adult.  He needs to take responsibility for his career and his life, including who he hangs out with and where he goes.  Perhaps this time will be another "last time" for Thomas.