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Horse Tracks

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Here's a Thursday edition of Horse Tracks.  Enjoy!

Marcus Thomas' lawyers are questioning the police for not reporting the confession of the driver.  See here

Boss Bailey is still unsigned by the Broncos.  Are we going to get him in?  See here

Wow, most of you know I don't like Bill Williamson, but a no-talent blogger can write a better story than this.  See here

Jim Armstrong has come up with some connection between Favre leaving and the Broncos' chances in 2008.  See here

The Rocky Mountain News reports much of the same with the Broncos wineing and dining Boss and McRee.  Are they signing or not?  See here

AFC West

The conquered fader nation blew its wad on Javon.  Sorry no news today!

Phyllis and his merry men were doing some good for the victims of last year's fires.  See here

Not much news from Kansas City.  Quitter Kennison has a beauty school and Tony Gonzalez is hanging out with Oprah on her "Big Give" show.

NFL News

Looks like the House of Representatives had a hearing between the NFL and cable operators over the NFL Network.  Why protect the country from terrorists when we can have a hearing about the NFL Network and cable operators?  God help us all!!  See here

Bottom of the Barrel

Looks like Bill Williamson, Jim Armstrong and the US House of Representatives deserve it today.  It's a three-way tie between these folks,

Tie-breaker goes to:  US House!  Quit wasting taxpayer money on this!