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Congratualtions Raider Fans! You've Won Kwame Harris!

The Raiders didn't only strengthen the wide receiver yesterday, they also improved the running game.

One thing that Tom Cable has said is that the LT has to be quick in his zone blocking scheme.

One thing that Kwame Harris is is SMART and quick. He may be exactly what Cable is looking for in a LT.

Kwame is also a BEAST in the running game and teaming him up with Gallery and Zach Miller on each side should help our running backs run through bigger holes than Sims created in 2007.

That is how Saint over at Silver and Black Pride described the addition of Kwame Harris to the Raiders.  He called him a BEAST. 49'er fans, on the other hand, used different adjectives to describe Harris, many of those I can't repeat because my daughter reads this site...Hi Princess!!!...

Anyway, if Raiders fans want to see just what kind of BEAST Harris is, they need look no further than the video below.  It features some of Harris' fine work while on the other side of the Bay, and has me looking forward to the two meetings a year we'll have against the corpse and his band of over-priced, under-achieving, so-called football players.  Enjoy!

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