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You Haven't Had Enough Of Favre? This Is For You!

UPDATE - The Presser is now schedule for 12:30 est.

I know you haven't had enough of Brett, so I give you this.  The press conference that Favre didn't want to have just two days ago is happening today.  Silly Brett.

Anyway, if you should want to watch #4 tell the world he's tired, you can do so over at  They will be Live Streaming the event starting at 12est/10mst, which for Styg is 8AM in Alaska.

I will be watching, if for no other reason that to see how Favre's presser compares to Elway's good-bye.  Something tells me that Favre saying Super Bowl expectations are, mentally, too hard to handle is going to be a bit different than Elway saying the hardest words any athlete can say, "I physically can't do it any more".  Only time will tell...

Click on Brett below to watch...