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With the 9th Pick In The MHR Community Mock Draft...

The Cincinnati Bengals select....


G.M. - ilikekitties -- This should be no surprise, in fact, i wish Cincy would not take him, so we can.
Sed Ellis is 6'1, 305 lbs, and is probably this draft's most freakishly  strong players.  His reported bench max is 510 lbs, and he lifted 225 42 times at the combine.  He is explosive off the snap, in the same mold as sack machine Warren Sapp (and hopefully Marcus Thomas).

The Bengals' Defense is famous for their pass rushing front four, but they lost that last season.  At least 2 key players have left at D end and linebacker, and I wouldn't be surprised if they pick Dan Conner here.

Sedrick Ellis' penetration is the key reason Cincy needs him.  They were one of the last against the pass the last two years, despite having a good secondary (we had the same problem, but with the run).  Cincy's front 7 can stop the run, but not the quarterback.  Ellis will make an immediate impact.

The Draft So Far --

#1 - Miami Dolphins - DE Chris Long, Virginia
#2 - St. Louis Rams - OT Jake Long, Michigan
#3 - Atlanta Falcons - DT Glen Dorsey, LSU
#4 - Oakland Raiders - RB Darren McFadden, Arkansas
#5 - Philadelphia Eagles(via Trade w/ K.C. Chiefs) - DE Vernon Gholston, Ohio St.
#6 - New York Jets - DB Leodis McKelvin, Troy St.
#7 - New England Patriots - CB Dominique Rogers-Cromartie, Tennessee State
#8 - Baltimore Ravens - QB Matt Ryan, Boston College

The New Orleans Saints, represented by Broncosdude793 are on the clock.  The next few selections are below --

  1. Buffalo (7-9) -- amirebram
  2. Denver (7-9) -- ejruiz777
  3. Carolina (7-9) -- Jaxon
  4. Chicago (7-9) -- WCG
  5. Detroit (7-9) -- tbell61
Time to pick up the pace, just a bit...Let's get those picks in!!!