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Horse Tracks 4/12/08

Here's a weekend edition of Horse Tracks.  Enjoy!

Here's a Kils article about Ocho Cinco and other Broncos notes.  See here

Air Force Academy caoch Troy Calhoun is implementing a zone block strategy for his offense.  HT might appreciate the spreading of this type of blocking.  See here

AFC West

Well it looks like the Missouri Indains are still looking for a replacement for Dante Hall.  The have signed former Raven B.J. Sams.  I guess the Chefs forgot to look into his injury history and his off-field troubles.  See here

No news from Phyllis and his merry men or the conquered fader nation.

NFL News

Looks like Tom Hammond of NBC may the replacement of Gumbel on the NFL Network.  At least we got a glimpse of what Hammond can do when he did us all a favor and did the play-by-play of the Broncos/Texans(Denver South) game.  See here

Well the league has decided to offer a life after football training.  Better late then never right?  See here

Have a good weekend!