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DraftTek Mock Draft....Comments

The team reps over at Draft-Tek are holding yet another Mock Draft, with yours truly handling matters for the Broncos.

After a deal with Minnesota to gain that elusive 3rd round pick fell through(Minnesota made the deal with Buffalo at #11 instead) I was approached by the Detroit GM with a trade offer I felt was nearly as attractive --

DEN gets #15 and #87
DET gets #12 and #119

It was attractive, but I still wanted to be a bit higher in the 3rd round, especially if I had to give up a 4th rounder.  Since Detroit has 2 3rd round picks, I countered with the following -

DEN gets #15 and #76
DET gets #12 and #119

It is nearly the same as the proposed Minnesota trade that we have talked so much about, so I jumped at it. We gave up a 4th rounder to be 2 spots closer in the 1st round and we still get a decent 3rd round pick.  Now, the only questions is who to target at 15.  

I will add the list of picks to date in a bit....  Right now, I want to get your thoughts on the trade...  Like?  Dislike?