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Jared Allen's Days In Kansas City Numbered

According to's Jay Glazer, Jared Allen won't be a Kansas City Chief for much longer --

Jared Allen's days with the Chiefs appear to be numbered.

Allen told that the Vikings and Buccaneers have held trade talks with the Chiefs and he anticipates a deal will get done prior to next week's draft.

Allen said he had a visit set up with the Vikings this weekend in Minnesota and is tentatively scheduled to meet with Tampa Bay next week as well.

The Pro Bowl defensive end is the Chiefs' franchise player, but re-signing in Kansas City will be a problem as the team is looking to stockpile draft picks.

Allen said the two sticking points are working out terms of a deal with a new team and the Chiefs agreeing to compensation for a trade.

If they was any doubt about the Chiefs going into full re-building mode, this should put that to rest.  One less harasser for Cutler to worry about.