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My Heartfelt Thanks and Apologies...An Open Letter To The MHR Community

Today was a trying day, to say the least, for the techies hard at work behind the scenes here at SBNation.  It's obvious to everyone that the last 48 hours has been a trying time and I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for hanging in there with us.  What I can tell you is this....

The upgrade to MHR 2.0 HAD NOTHING to do with the extended down time.  This is NOT what you will come to expect form  The platform is as stable as they come and I am damn proud of it, as many of you are.

With the draft right around the corner I want you to feel confident that will be YOUR SOURCE for Denver Broncos news and nuggets up to and including all of draft weekend.  Tomorrow will be filled with draft primers, getting you ready for the most important Broncos draft in 15-20 years.

Thanks again to EVERYONE who makes this site what it is and what it will continue to be.