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The 2008 NFL Draft Day Open Thread -- 1st Round(11-20)

Welcome Back!  The Broncos are only 1 pick away and every one of the OL's are still on the board.  TRADE DOWN!!!

  #11 Buffalo Bills -- CB Leodis McKelvin -- The Bills undoubtedly tried to move down.  Reaching for a WR here would have been a huge reach so the Bills made the wise move taking the best DB on the board.  Remember, the Bills play against Tom Brady twice a year.  Nice move for the Bills.


  #12 Denver Broncos -- OT Ryan Clady -- I guess we had to know this pick was coming when all these linemen fell.  Clady and the Broncos have been connected at the hip during this entire process.  I said on MHR Radio that O-Line would be the safe pick.  It turned out that the Broncos decided to stay safe.  Styg50 will have his thoughts ASAP.

  #13 Carolina Panthers -- RB Jonathon Stewart -- The Panthers waste no time taking the card with Stewart's name to the commish.  Stewart has questions, mostly about health, but still projects to be a solid RB in the NFL.  There was a smattering of boos form Panthers' fans when the pick was announced.

  #14 Chicago Bears -- OT Chris Williams -- Many thought the Bears would go Running Back here, but to their credit they made the smart move, choosing to solidify the O-Line.  I am a bit surprised that the Pick was Williams, but the Bears needed a lineman and they got one.

#15 Kansas City Chiefs -- OL Brandon Albert -- The Chiefs, easily the most active of the teams in this draft, make another move to get help for their O-Line.  When Williams went to the Bears, you had to imagine that the Chiefs were ecstatic.  Albert fits what they do to a T.

#16 Arizona Cardinals -- D. Rodgers-Cromartie -- The Cardinals needed some serious help for their pass defense, and Cromartie might be the best DB in the draft.  There are some health concerns, but if he stays healthy Cromartie is the real deal.

#17 Detroit Lions -- OT Gosder Cherlius -- A bit of a surprise here, with Rashard Mendenhall still on the board.  The Lions have a big hole in the backfield they must feel they can address later in the draft.

#18 Baltimore Ravens -- QB Joe Flacco -- The Ravens wanted Matt Ryan.  The Falcons ended all talk about that.  To their credit, they didn't panic and made the bold move with the Jags to move lower in the draft until the right moment.  It came at 18, with the Ravens moving back up to get their QB of their future.

#19 Carolina Panthers -- OT Jeff Otah -- Kudos to the Panthers.  First, the Panthers were able to get much needed help at running back.  They then come right back to nab much needed help along the O-Line.  Solid draft for the Panthers.

#20 Tampa Bay Buccaneers -- CB Aqib Talb -- A bit of s surprise.  The Bucs need playmakers and all the Wide Receivers are still on the board.  Gruden went defense instead, and hopes to have found a replacement for Brian Kelly.