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2008 NFL Draft, Broncos OT Ryan Clady Conference Call

On whether he expected the Broncos to select him

“Yeah, I knew the Broncos were interested in picking me up. I thought there was a good chance, and I wasn’t all that surprised when they called.”


On his expectations as a rookie

“Right away, I just want to learn the system. I want to play well and I want to be a starter. Everyone wants to be a Pro-Bowler and to win a couple Super Bowls.”


On being taken by the Broncos in the first round of the draft

“I came in and I visited. Being drafted in the first round is a terrific thing, and I should be able to make an immediate impact right away.”


On the Broncos’ blocking system being similar to what he played in at Boise State

“I think it will help me a lot. It is the same type of system and I have been in the system for four years, and I have gotten to know it well. I am on the fast track for learning and getting on the field a little faster because I know the system.”


On rookie tackles going through the “school of hard knocks”

“I definitely think so. It is definitely a hard position to play, but I am ready to go and I am up for the challenge.”


On his impression of the Broncos and their coaching staff when he visited

“I loved them. It was really mellow and they were all real good guys. I was very comfortable. I came there last Sunday, and I was the only person there and it felt real cool. I remember feeling comfortable around the coaches.”


On being a defensive lineman in high school and moving to the offensive line in college

“Both of the schools recruiting me recruited me as an offensive lineman. I was expecting to play there, and a lot of people said I had a bright future as an offensive lineman so I went with it and it turned out to be a good fit for me. It worked out for the best.”


On playing for a team named the Broncos in college and a team named the Broncos in the NFL

“I have been saying for the past few weeks that it would be nice to still be a Bronco.”


On developing good feet

“I played a lot of basketball when I was younger and growing up, and that may of helped me out. In high school we did a lot of footwork drills. When I was there for the visit, (Head) Coach (Mike) Shanahan asked me that and I told him I didn’t know.”


On his health

“I feel good right now, I feel 100 percent.”