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2008 NFL Draft - Broncos WR Eddie Royal Conference Call

On knowing the Broncos were interested in him

“I had an idea. I spoke with them at the Senior Bowl, but I was totally shocked when I was picked. I got the call from [Head] Coach [Mike] Shanahan, and I wasn’t expecting it at all.”


On his ability to return kicks

“I definitely feel like I can come in and be that guy. I can come in and make plays on special teams and be a guy that teams are scared to kick the ball to. I definitely look forward to doing that and making an impact right away.”


On if he prefers returning punts or kickoffs

“It doesn’t matter. I feel comfortable doing both. I have had more success on punt returns, but I love doing them both. If it involves catching the ball and making plays for my team, I’ll do it.”


On making an immediate impact with the Broncos

“I’m hoping they need me a lot because I want to come in right away and play. At the opening game, I look to be the starter back there returning kicks and punts. Hopefully I can do that. Mostly, I want to show the coaches that I am mature enough to come in right away and play.”


On why he believes he is a better punt returner than kickoff returner

“I don’t believe I am a better punt returner than kick returner. It is just that I have had more success returning punts. I think that I will be able to come in and be effective at both.”


On how long it will take to see time on offense

“Hopefully not too long. I think the coaches will see me out there making plays on special teams and say, ‘Hey we gotta get this guy the ball on the offense.’ Hopefully not long at all.”


On learning how to play the slot position from Broncos WR Brandon Stokley

“It is great to have someone like him to learn from. He really studies the game and he knows the business. He is one of those guys that may not have the big name but is always productive. He is like the Ed McCaffrey type, the silent killer.”


On being drafted ahead of other big-name receivers

“I really was surprised. I didn’t know what to expect out of the receivers in the first round, and that kind of made me nervous but the great thing is that [Head] Coach [Mike] Shanahan has a lot of respect and he gave me this chance, so I am going to get out there and give him all I got.”


On being drafted before California’s DeSean Jackson

“A lot of coaches have told me different thing comparing some of the things that he does to what I do. We are similar players, but at the same time we do some things differently. I think it really depended on what the team was looking for. I think my personality and me being more mature definitely helped with the selection.”