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2008 Draft--Day 2 Primer

I'll just keep this short and sweet. 

Going into the fourth round, Denver should see the last of the starter quality players coming off the board at the very deep classes of LB and RB.  Dollars to doughnuts says they target either or both of these positions with their picks in the fourth round, in what is becoming a very solid and sound draft, predicated on maximizing the value of the pick.


Jonathan Goff, Vanderbilt :  Smart, solid player.  Fundamentally sound, if not terribly exciting.

Ali Highsmith, LSU:  Projects as a SAM but has a great ability to keep himself clean and is very vocal and smart.  Plays with a lot of heart and would be a great ST addition while he learns what kind of guy Al Wilson was...whoops.  I swore to myself that I wouldn't mention Wilson.


Tashard Choice, Georgia Tech:  The tough part is looking for backs who are upgrades over Selvin and Hall in someway.  Tashard secures the ball well and is a good north-south type of guy, and exceptionally tough. 

Chauncey Washington, Southern California:  Yeah, you've heard me mention him before.  I'm just covering my bases here, and Denver could look his way with their second pick in the fourth.  Denver style one-cut, north south runner.  Has overcome a LOT of issues, from injuries (think Jarvis Moss and his pelvic infection), to academics, and managed to come out on top of these early struggles.  Another character guy, but could be a pinerider behind Young and Hall.

But Denver has work to do on day 2.

Namely, they need to find at least one DT, and there are options for both of their picks in the fourth round, but be forewarned:  a weaker crop of DTs you will rarely see.  (Hopefully).


Dre Moore, Maryland:  Has a pass rush (bull rush mostly) and can stop the run, but has motivation issues.

Red Bryant, Texas A&M:  All around run stuffer.  Worth trading up for if necessary, IMO. 


Ahytba Rubin, Iowa State:  Run stuffing lane clogger.  Very raw, is even thought to be depth at offensive guard.  Normally I would say stay away from a 'tweener, but a sick part of me wants to see what Denver could do with a player like this...

Andre Fluellen,  Florida State:  The last of the all around solid run-stuffers.  Not considered strong enough or big enough, but still managed to be the most productive runstopper for FSU, and they tanked when he was out for a few games with an injured elbow.


I am with Hoosierteacher in thinking that Denver probably does not rank a safety from late in an already weak class as being of higher value than the needs and depth available above.