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2008 Draft Order: Latest Update

The latest update of the MHR Draft Order chart is done, and as always, you can download it as a printable PDF.

This version includes the 32 compensatory selections (none for Denver, of course), some inside info from Chris at Arrowhead Pride regarding the finalizing of the Bennett/Sims trade with the Bucs, as well as the latest draft splashes from free agency.  I also corrected some errors that were pointed out by the fine readers and commenters in this community, so I definitely recommend that you get this version to take advantage of that.

Like the other versions, this one contains a numbered and referenced list of the details of each trade, as well as up to date numberings of the picks, and Denver's picks are highlighted.  I only expect to update this one final time, right before the draft, though if nothing major happens between now and then I may decide to let another update slide.  

In the future I will work on a format that is a little more internet friendly, as well as trying to find a way to fit information regarding the general value of each pick, since that would make it a lot easier to assemble trade data.  Other things I would like to do would be to make it so that you could create viewing criteria that would allow you to be selective about what aspect of the chart you were looking at, such as isolating trade partners, or highlighting individual teams throughout the draft.  I'll keep everyone up to date as it comes along.

An image of the Draft Chart is below the fold, so I'll see you on the other side!

Download the PDF here!