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SBNation Mock Draft....The Broncos Select...

I figured the loyal readers of should be the first to know the selection I made in the SBNAtion Mock Draft before it gets posted. With that in mind...

With the 12th Pick in the SBNation Mock NFL Draft, the Denver Broncos select....


Sure, this is a bit of a surprise pick. The Broncos used two early picks in 2007 on defensive ends. Let me start to explain by saying I am hoping the Broncos can find a way to trade down. That is seeming tougher and tougher to do because everyone appears to be wanting to do the same thing. In order to trade down, the Broncos need someone to want to trade up.

If a trade does not happen, the Broncos are going to be forced to make a selection they won't be especially excited by. Sure, they are going to get a solid player, but most likely at a position they would like to not give #12 money.

While it appears the popular thought is the Broncos will draft O-Line at #12, I just can;t put my mind around that yet. If Shanny does anything well in the draft it is his ability to get solid O-Line talent late. The one time they went after the "sure thing" first round O-Lineman, George Foster, it failed. Plus, call me crazy, but I am not as high on Clady as everyone else, and #12 is way too high for Chris Williams.

My next thought was to shock the world and go running back. Ok, it may not really be that big of a surprise. Especially considering Shanny's comments this entire re-loading season. First, he says Andre Hall and Selvin Young are nothing more than change of pace backs. Then, just a couple days ago, Shanny proclaims that Travis Henry would need to have "an exceptional off-season program" to be anything more than Henry or Hall. Not a glowing endorsement of the running stable that is so important to the Broncos. Shanny always has hidden messages in his comments and I think he was saying something there.

I am really high on Rashard Mendenhall, but quirks in his running style leave him prone to injury and alot of fumbles. Jonathon Stewart, while extremely talented, has health questions of his own. Despite this, I would not be surprised in the lease if one of these two backs became Denver Broncos on draft day. Just remember I said it.

In the end, I went with Harvey, the most talented athlete on the board. You can see my reasons over at MTD. Harvey, the defensive MVP of the BCS Title Game in 2007, projects to be a better pro than current Bronco Jarvis Moss and would give the Broncos 4 solid ends that do different things very well. Harvey does them all well, and has the size to play the run while showing the motor to get to the quarterback. He also has that meanstreak I love from linemen, something the Broncos sorely lack on either side of the ball.

I understand this pick might be unpopular with many of you. I just don't believe the Broncos will go O-Line at #12. My greatest wish if for Shanny to trade down, re-acquire a 3rd round pick, and be able to nab Chris Williams later(17-20) along with a DT like Pat Sims in Round 2 and WR Earl Bennet in Round 3. Since I can't make that happen, I'll go with the best athlete on the board, Derrick Harvey.