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With the 14th Pick In The MHR Community Mock Draft...

The Chicago Bears, proudly represented by Bears Blogger WCG, select....


G.M. - WCG -- I wanted this pick badly.  I knew the responsible thing to do would be to take an offensive linemen, but I just could not bear (pun intended) to see another potential superstar pass us by.  So I evaluated the linemen available and decided that only Ryan Clady would be enough to get me to give up Mendenhall.  For that I owe jaxon a thanks.

The Bears are a running team...period.  So as much as you'd like to talk about how bad our passing game was/is it means nothing.  Our offense starts and ends with the run, so if it isn't working nothing is.

Mendenhall is first on  some boards and third on others.  McFadden won't be available and the Bears cannot wait to see when Stewart will be available and what he has.  Mendenhalls has size and surprising speed for a guy his size.  He is just shy of 5' 11" and 225 lbs.  He clocked a 4.45 40 at the combine.  Chicago's line may or may not be good come next year, so we will need a guy who can run around people just as much as he can run through them.  He is an above average blocker and is quite good a catching the ball, so there will be less need to pull him out for situational play.   He has outstanding vision and field presence.

The Bears selecting a kid from the area to hopefully replace a guy whose attitude is wearing thin on fans is a great PR move as well.  Besides now the Lions can't have him and isn't that all that really counts?

The Draft So Far --

#1 - Miami Dolphins - DE Chris Long, Virginia
#2 - St. Louis Rams - OT Jake Long, Michigan
#3 - Atlanta Falcons - DT Glen Dorsey, LSU
#4 - Oakland Raiders - RB Darren McFadden, Arkansas
#5 - Philadelphia Eagles(via Trade w/ K.C. Chiefs) - DE Vernon Gholston, Ohio St.
#6 - New York Jets - DB Leodis McKelvin, Troy St.
#7 - New England Patriots - CB Dominique Rogers-Cromartie, Tennessee State
#8 - Baltimore Ravens - QB Matt Ryan, Boston College
#9 - Cincinnati Bengals - DT Sedrick Ellis, USC
#10 - New Orleans Saints - CB Mike Jenkins, USF
#11 - Buffalo Bills - WR Malcolm Kelly, Oklahoma
#12 - Minnesota Vikings(via trade with Denver) - DE Derrick Harvey, Florida
#13 - Carolina Panthers - OT Ryan Clady, Boise St.

The Next 5 Picks -

  1.  Detroit (7-9) -- tbell61
  2.  Arizona (8-8) -- Broncofornia
  3.  Denver (7-9) -- EJRuiz777
  4.  Houston (8-8) -- Orangeman
  5.  Kansas City (4-12) -- jonnyr44