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Horse Tracks 4/7/08

Here's a Monday edition of Horse Tracks.  Enjoy!

Well another step in Brandon Marshall's recovery happened.  He got his cast off.  See here

Jeremy Green of ESPN seems to think that Denver is in the wrong direction.  See here

What's a good way to open a Sports Authority in Montrose, CO?  Bring Karl Mecklenburg in!  See here

It's down to the final cut now...for the Broncos cheerleaders.  See here

No news from the AFC West.

NFL News

There are still fights between NFL Network and the cable companies.  I'm so happy I'm getting a dish soon!  See here

Peter King of SI talked about the labor issues coming soon and other notes.  See here

That's all there is today.  Enjoy the championship game tonight folks.  GO KU!  Rock Chalk Jayhawk!