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Pro Scout Tom Marino Joins Me For MHR Radio TONIGHT!

A great show lined up for you tonight on MHR RADIO.  With the draft just 2 and a half weeks away it's getting to be crunch time, and who better to break it down with than scouting legend Tom Marino, who now is's NFL Expert.  He's going to join us for the entire hour to break down the draft, the Broncos, and answer your questions.

Here is just a bit of background on Marino, who has over 30 years of experience in scouting in Professional football --

Marino is a member of the Scout Hall of Fame with his work as an NFL Scout, and he has an impressive list of credentials.

St Louis Rams (NFL)    
Regional/National Talent Scout
June, 2000 - June, 2006

·    Rams primary post season workout scout.
·    Refined grading system with the implementation of a specific category for non-football athletes
·    Highest ranked scout over the six year period in draft-make %.

New Orleans Saints (NFL)                        
Regional/National Talent Scout
1986 - June 2000

·    Highest ranked scout evaluating college prospects in both percentage and prospects viewed from 1987 through the 2000 player draft.  
·    Appointed by Jim Finks to become the architect of Saints 1987 replacement team (signed 49 free agents within a three day period).  

New York Giants (NFL)
Regional/National Talent Scout
April, 1977 - June, 1982                        

Dallas Cowboys (NFL)
Scouting / WFL consultant
November, 1975 - May 1976

Needless to say, Marino is the perfect guest for this time of year and I am hoping you guys come with your questions ready.  If you can't make the show, feel free to e-mail them to me - - and I will make sure to ask them.  

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