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Horse Tracks 5/1/08

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Here's the return of Horse Tracks.  Enjoy!

Woody Page of the Denver Post had some replies in his mail bag.  See here

The Post also discusses what rating our 2005 draft is.  See here

AFC West

Some kid at KU thought the Missouri Indians did very well at the draft.  See here

There are rumblings from the conquered fader nation that LaMont Jordan could be the next RB to leave.  See here

Well, looks like there was some change with Phyllis and his merry men's front office.  One guy retires and who do you bring in?  Randy Mueller, fromer GM of the 1-15 Dolphins.  Hope he gives AJ Smith some "great" advice.  See here

NFL News

Looks like the Bills will make $78 million (Canadian..almost same value as our $) for thier game played in Tornoto.  See here

Have a great day!