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Jim Goodman Talks About the Draft

This is a transcript of Jim Goodman's conversation about the draft from this fanshot put up by JonT .  I've taken some liberties with some paraphrasing here and there, but the heart of what he was talking about is there.  I thought this would be useful for any members who aren't able to watch videos on their CPUs, or who haven't had time to watch the whole video (its over 40 minutes long.)  Enjoy!

Jim Goodman

Director of Player Personnel

About getting ready for the draft:

The process takes 12 months, we start in May, when the National Scouting Service that we are a member of, gives us approximately 1000 names.  We go over thsoe names and give grades to them and distribute the names to our seven area scouts, and all of those guys have to get scouted, and reports have to be written on every one of those guys, plus any guys that  start to come out in their senior year.  So you'll end up doing anywhere from 1200 to 1400 reports a year, in order to get your 9 guys.

From there we have the season, the bowl games and feature games, and then the combine, and then we have a series of meetings between the scouts, between the scouts and coaches, and we take about a month to get that list narrowed down to around 300 names, and we end up talking about those 300 very specifically.

The hardest thing about evaluating, period, is what is in a guy's heart.  What makes him a player?  What gives him the will to succeed?  To see a guy's will to win and what he is willing to do to succeed, is the hardest thing for us to do.

On the hectic nature of draftday:

Actually, when the draft is going, it is real calm.  We have a game plan, and we go through every conceivable scenario beforehand, we get an idea of where guys could possibly go.  We will rank guys, so that we can say, "Ok, coach, if this ones gone and this ones gone, what is your game plan here?"  We are doing constant drills like that all the time, so that we can have a gameplan to go to just like in a football game.  But you always have to keep an eye on guys whose value is too high to bypass.  For example, you may not need a RB, but if you look up and see a can't miss guy, well, you had better take him.  But by the same token you have to know what your needs are, so you want the best choice for your need, but you need to ask yourself, "Is there a value here that is too good to pass up?"  That happens every round.  I remember a guy that really got my attention was Spencer Larsen, our 6th round choice out of Arizona, just a great kid, a guy that has his head on right, such a good player who plays with all his might, gives all he has every play.  He's a guy we look at and say "HE is going to make it at his position," so I'm really excited about him.

On Ryan Clady:

Ryan is a great athlete.  You don't see many 6'7" 300 lb tackles, that are that athletic and have that kind of foot quickness, that have that good of body quickness.  People just aren't made like that.  This guys has 37 inch arms, a great wingspan, a great range to kick step out of, to protect the backside of a QB, so he has probowl potential.  He has the potential, and the game has only begun with him.  He's got it all.

On Eddie Royal:

Eddie is a guy we looked at as a premier returner.  He is as good as I have seen.  he reminds me of Figures, of Devon Hester, but he is a good WR, don't let his return ability stop you from seeing that.  He is great in the seam and does very well getting off press coverage and getting after the deep ball, so we think there is a lot of upside.