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A Few Good Questions With....DT Carlton Powell

MHR -- How surprised were you that the Broncos were the team that drafted you?

CP -- On a Scale from 1-10 I would say an 8.

MHR -- Was there any contact between you and the Broncos prior to the draft?

CP -- The only time was at the Combine when I talked to Coach Johnson in the war room.

MHR -- Many fans at share the belief that the DT position was the major defensive weakness in '07. Coach Shanahan has brought in DeWayne Robertson from NY and you from the draft to help our current guys out. What can you share with the fans to give us some hope that our DT group will be ready to rock in '08?

CP -- Well I was the only active DT in the Div. 1-A collegiate ranks to have held the opponents to minus yardage rushing in my career so I know I can help.

MHR -- How do you think your style of DT play compares to the style of DT Denver needs on the line?

CP -- Well my style is kind of a smash and grab and I like causing havoc and making it hard for the Offense to get any plays together.

MHR -- Can you tell us how your faith has helped you be a better football player?

CP -- My faith just helped me in general be a better person which translates to a better ball player.

MHR -- How did the events of 04/16/07 shape you as a person, a football player, and a teammate?

CP -- It definitely shook me up a little bit and made me realize that tomorrow’s not really promised so you need to live every day and appreciate your loved ones. I like to say to make sure you accomplish something every day and live it to the fullest.

MHR -- When you look at the Broncos, particularly on the defensive line, what do you see?

CP -- I see a lot of potential. I see myself getting right into rotation and competing for the starting job and making every body else better.

MHR -- What is involved in being a solid run-stuffer?

CP -- Definitely you got to have a lot of strength and be strong-minded especially with the double team because you just have to clog up the hole so the linebacker can run free.

MHR -- If you could compare yourself to one player currently in the League, who would that be and why?

CP -- Not one player but I take different aspects from different players. I’m kind of like a jack of all trades.

MHR -- What can you tell us about Eddie Royal?

CP -- Eddie Royal is a great guy – very productive and a great wide receiver.

MHR -- Thanks Carlton, and best of luck in 2008!

CP -- Thank you and God Bless, Carlton.