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Denver Broncos Quarterback Camp Week 1 Round Up

The first of two weeks in this year's Quarterback Camp are complete and while there isn't much to be learned from a bunch of guys in shorts and a t-shirt it sure was nice to be talking about football again.

There is some news to speak of. Tony Scheffler had his foot examined and the news turned out to be better than expected. The soreness in his foot is nothing but that, but the Coach will still tread lightly this early in workouts.

We know there's not another break in there. You can see that on the X-rays. But there's something in there that keeps him quite sore, and, hopefully, with a couple weeks in the boot, he'll come back full speed and we don't aggravate the injury.

Nate Jackson, Scheffler's back-up, knows all too well how frustrated Scheff is with the chronic pain.

"He feels like, 'What am I doing wrong for this to happen?' It's the same time as last year, the same play. But I feel for him. He's a friend of mine, and I don't like to see him dealing with this. He'll be fine, though. It's not as bad as it was last year, I don't think."

While an injury to Scheffler could open the door for Jackson to emerge, Jackson doesn't want to see his good friend go down like this.

Yeah, but I would prefer him to be happy, I would prefer the competition part with us feeding off each other. That's not a good thing for anybody. We want to be at our strongest as a team.

Ideally, you would utilize all the talents for every guy. We have a lot of great skill players. We all want the ball. That's what makes me happy as a football player is catching the football.

What would make me happy as a fan is to see Nate Jackson, in uniform, for 16 regular season games. That is what would make me happy.

Newly acquired DeWayne Robertson will not participate in any remaining Quarterback Camp practices, something that Mike Shanahan says was planned all along.

He probably could practice, but we're a little bit cautious with him. We know he'll be able to go in the June camp. So we want to get him stronger in a couple different areas.

Robertson is recovering from wrist surgery and has a chronic knee condition that he has played with since college. Despite that, Robertson has missed only 3 games in his NFL career.

Ryan Clady already has a nickname, something befitting a guy who stands 6-6 and weighs around 315 pounds. Sweet Feet. The guy who coined the name, fellow O-Lineman P.J. Alexander has no problem with it.

Yeah, 'Sweet Feet,' what's wrong with that? His feet, from what I've seen, are pretty sweet. He's quick on his feet, moves well. He's impressive, man.

Alexander wasn't the only one impressed by the rookie's initial workouts. Erik Pears also has been impressed by the big man's moves.

Shoot, he's gifted, man. His feet are unbelievable. He's obviously a huge human being, but he's got quick, quick feet and heavy hands. I see no reason why he shouldn't be great. He looks good.

It wasn't just O-Linemen heaping the praise. Jarvis Moss, who figures to go against Clady every day at practice for years to come was impressed as well.

I was trying to see how strong he was when I went up against him. We locked up and I just tried to fling him up off me because he's a much bigger guy than me. But he's got the strength. He's got everything he needs, as far as I'm concerned, he just needs to get more comfortable in our system.

Heavy praise, indeed, until the coach gets his chance to bring everyone down to earth.

There's a lot of pressure on him, mentally. There's going to be a lot of pressure on him physically. But we feel like he's got the ability to compete. We're going to start him as No. 1, but he's got to earn the position, just like everyone else.

While Mike Shanahan has not feared playing rookies in prominent roles right off the bat, few times have those guys simply been handed the starting job before workouts really begin. There is little doubting the confidence Shanny has in Clady, which in turn makes me feel good about it.

The Broncos now head off for a Holiday Weekend before commencing back next Tuesday for 4 more days of workouts. Will Travis Henry be back on the field? Does Brandon Marshall own another pair of pajama pants? Answers to all these questions and more as The Quest continues....