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Denver Broncos Quarterback Camp Day 6 - News and Notes

Some much to say, so little space!  Actually, I have all the space I want, and it's a good thing.  Yesterday seemed to be a busy day for guys getting injured(Dre Bly), guys feeling better(Jay Cutler) and guys that are simply off their rocker(Todd Sauerbrun). 

We'll start with the Quarterback. Jay Cutler says he is completely back to normal, or at least what normal is now. The weight is back to normal, the conditioning is back to normal, and cutler is ready to go --

I feel fine, I feel like I did last year at camp. I've gotten everything back, I can definitely feel a difference from March. I've got all of my zip. I can make all the deep throws. It definitely feels good to do that again.

Culter's teammates are also glad to see the 'old Jay' back --

Brandon Stokely - It's almost like night and day between right now and the end of last year.

Patrick Ramsey - He's not a different person. Jay's Jay, but at the same time, he's easier to be around - and I don't mean that in a negative way. He's not moody at all. He's himself all the time and doing a good job handling it.

Champ Bailey - When I heard about it, I wanted to see if he was the guy I expected him to be. And he's been exactly what I expected and gone through this like it's no problem. Who knows what he deals with behind closed doors, but in the public eye, he's been perfect.

For now, Cutler is forced to wear an insulin pump under his shirt, a device that will get removed before the real games begin. Cutler doesn't mind -

It keeps me level throughout the day so there's no real peaks or lows. I like it, for the most part.

Now that Cutler has his health back in order, he knows it is time to get to work and what could be waiting for him if the Broncos get off to a slow start --

If we go out and go 0-4, I'm going to get blamed for it whether I have diabetes or not.

The way Jay Cutler has handled this situation is another example why I'm proud to say Jay Cutler is the Quarterback of the Denver Broncos. A solid, solid, man.

The Broncos didsn't get through Wednesday's work without an injury. Dre Bly will miss the rest of the week's work with a strained hamstring --

It didn't pop or anything, so it's nothing bad.

A former Bronco is making news, for all the wrong reasons and is voicing his displeasure with Mike Shanahan and the organization. Todd Sauerbrun took a plea deal, pleading guilty to disturbing the peace, while at the same time saying the cabbie he allegedly kicked in the back of the head was lying --

I never raised my hand to him and have never done anything violent at all.

Sauerbrun also made sure he got in a few parting words about Mike Shanahan --

The Broncos didn't give me a fair shot. I don't think they did me right, I do feel ill about it.

And their new motto about character guys? The guys I've seen them pick up, you're going to tell me those are good character people? I think not.

Let's see. Multiple issues with alcohol? Check. Suspended for taking a banned substance? Check. Failure to take any personal accountability? Check. Kicked the ball, not once but twice, to Devin Hester? Check.

Todd Sauerbrun needs to realize that he has a problem. Many of them, in fact. There is a reason he is no longer in the League. Someone will get desparate and sign him, but to say the Broncos were "quick on the draw" in releasing him is asinine.

The quickest way to get into Mike Shanahan's dog-house is to fumble the football. Just ask Mike Bell. For Michael Pittman, yesterday's first carry wasn't a good sign -

I came out here and I'm trying to impress the coaches. On my first carry, I dropped the ball. It was a fumble because our zone play at Tampa was a little wider than Denver's zone play. It is an adjustment for me. I will adjust and I won't put the ball on the ground again.

He also reiterated that he didn't sign to be camp fodder, he is ready to contribute any way possible -

I'm here to make a lot of noise. I didn't come in here for three, four, five weeks to be in camp to get cut. I'm here to make a lot of noise and make this team. I will do whatever I am asked to do. I'll play receiver, I'll play running back, I'll play fullback. I did all that at Tampa. It's all about helping the team win.

Sure, there are question marks in Pittman's past, but the guy is much older now, and his head is in the right spot. Not to mention the toughness and attitude he brings to the roster. I love it.