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Horse Tracks 5/29/08

Here's a Thursday edition of Horse Tracks.  Enjoy!

Since Guru has been on top of the OTA's, there have been some other news too.

Another team is getting a former Bronco.  Now Quentin Griffin will be playing football in Canada!  He signed with the Saskatchewan Roughriders.  Another nice draft pick, Shanny.  See here

As much as we "love" Bill Williamson, he did have a good write-up of the new Darrent Williams Teen Center that is opening this week.  See here

Here's a lesson for all of us.  Be careful with who you trust with your money.  Some former players did and they got burned.  Good news is the guy was caught, bad news he killed himself before going to trial.  See here

AFC West

The Missouri Indians signed a couple of CB.  See here

Looks like Phyllis and his merry men have been sucked into politics.  See here

That's all I have.  Have a good day!