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Horse Tracks 5-5-08

Here's a Monday "Cinco de Mayo" edition of Horse Tracks.  Enjoy!

Cutler's diabetes will not stop him and he will still have "game".  See here

Here are more links and articles about Cutler's diabetes.  See here , here

Wade Wilson gave Cutler advice on handling his diabetes.  See here

Cutler plans to use an insulin pump.  See here

AFC West

Phyllis and his merry men held minicamp this past weekend.  Looks like the "classy" LT would have played in the Super Bowl if they won despite the pain in the knee.  Ok then, why didn't he play at Foxborough?  See here

Looks like the conquered fader nation will try to add a front office person to the Al Davis fun house.  See here

No news from the Missouri Indians.

NFL News

Even though the draft passed us a week ago, it's never too early to see who the top prospects are for 2009.  See here

Bottom of the Barrel

Aren't you glad that we don't have Cedric Benson?  See here