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Horse Tracks 6/10/08

Here's a Tuesday edition of Horse Tracks.  Enjoy!

Dave Kreiger talks about Shanny's "back to the future" approach to the WR corps.  See here

Boss Bailey answered some light questions.  See here

Former Bronco Jake Plummer and the Bucs are near a settlement.  See here

Broncos single game tickets go on sale July 12.  See here

Looks like Las Vegas isn't giving Denver much of a shot.  Maybe some cash can be made?  See here

Longmont Daily Times-Call talks about the positive change the Broncos have made.  See here

AFC West

You think the Broncos have some struggles getting back to the top?  At least we aren't the Missouri Indians.  See here

Once a conquered fader, always a conquered fader.  Kenny Stabler has been nabbed for his third DUI.  See here

Phyllis and his merry men are still having stadium issues.  See here

NFL News

Michael Strahan retires, Cedric Benson is cut and T.O. has to take more drug tests.  See here

That's all I have for now.  Have a good day!