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Horse Tracks 6/12/08

Here's a Thursday edition of Horse Tracks.  Enjoy!

Well it looks like Dre Bly is feeling better.  See here

Darrell Jackson is having "happy days" again.  See here

Even the best CB in the league needs to learn.  Champ is in "school".  See here

Here's more betting odds for the AFC West.  See here

Former Broncos assistant and current Air Force Academy coach Troy Calhoun visited minicamp yesterday.  See here

AFC West

Unlike Jason Taylor's situation with the Dolphins, Tony Gonzalez accepts and embraces the changes that the Missouri Indians are doing.  See here

What does a conquered fader do with their free time?  Sue a woman over a dog.  See here

While we are rivals with the conquered fader nation, we should give some respects to a former coach that passed away.  See here

Apparently Phyllis is ahead of schedule in rehab.  See here

NFL News

Jonathan Ogden is expected to retire.  See here

That's all folks!  Enjoy your day!