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Horse Tracks 6/13/08

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Here's a Friday the 13th edition of Horse Tracks.  Enjoy!

Jay Cutler discussed his big issue: wins!  See here

Shanny is so pleased with the team's progress that he cancelled July minicamp.  See here

Keary Colbert is excited for the Broncos season to start.  See here

What is it with guys making predictions this off-season?  Now Brandon Marshall is predicting 100 catches!  Here's an idea....shut up, heal up and play!  See here

At least Marshall is getting healthy.  See here

Ryan Torain and Tony Scheffler could be sleepers for all you fantasy football folks.  As long as they get wins for the Broncos, that's all that matters to me.  See here

Looks like former Bronco David Kircus signed with the Miami Dolphins.  At least they have Subway there if it doesn't work out.  See here

AFC West

Well it looks like Ronald Curry is back to health for the conquered fader nation.  See here

One article seems to think that TE Zach Miller will be the biggest factor for the conquered fader nation in 2008.  See here

The Missouri Indians will have one word this season....patience.  See here

The Chefs also signed some players too.  See here and here

Let's hope that our OL handles Glenn Dorsey this year and in the future.  See here 

The stadium issue will not die with Phyllis and his merry men.  See here 

Bottom of the Barrel

Are any of you noticing a trend with all these whiny WR's?  Here's the connection:  Drew Rosenhaus!  See here

Aren't you happy our team isn't the Bungles?  Check out the mess they have.  See here

Have a good weekend!