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Horse Tracks 6/18/08

Here's a Wednesday edition of Horse Tracks.  Enjoy!

What's that?  Vegas oddsmakers predicting 8-8!  What a great way to make some players laugh and motivate the Broncos to prove them wrong.  See here

Brandon Marshall and Chad Mustard helped out at a football camp.  See here

Dominique Foxworth took part in the Celebrity Football Camp.  See here

Tim Crowder helped out a community project in his old town of Tyler, Texas.  See here

Even "wager web" took notice of Selvin Young.  See here

AFC West

When will he ever learn?  Former Bronco and current conquered fader Javon Walker was beaten and robbed in Vegas.  See here

Sorry, no other news from the rest of the AFC West or NFL.  Have a good day!