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Horse Tracks 6/2/08

Here's a Monday edition of Horse Tracks.  Enjoy!

There was a lot of news from the weekend.  Most of the news is related to the Darrent Williams Teen center.  With the opening of the center, there were some stories related to his murder.  See here, here and here

New Bronco Casey Wiegmann's thoughts turned to his hometown.  His town was hit by a tornado.  See here

Our other "favorite" writer, Mark Kiszla had a few things to say about the Broncos.  See here

Selvin Young has some stiff competition this season, but he wants to be the man.  See here

AFC West

Looks like the conquered fader nation will not make the same mistake of not getting their top draft pick signed in time.  They are close to signing McFadden.  See here

Well, not much for news from KC, but the Chefs were included in a "rant of losers" lament about KC area sports.  See here

Looks like Phyllis and his merry men have been doing some good in the San Diego area by giving to local schools.  See here

NFL News

Looks like there could be a 17th NFL game coming.  See here

That's all I have.  Have a good day!